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Who we are?


Bezzerk Inc has been started by a team of young creators, with a sole aim to explore brand new casual gaming and app ideas. We specialize in flat design for all mobile related projects. The company has launched its first game called “SIGNTIST” which is a very unique pattern based word game. The idea is new, borderless, addictive and gives a great sense of satisfaction as you clear levels. Go on… try it! As the name suggests, Bezzerk thrives on exciting and crazy ideas, so stay tuned for more games and apps from our young team! If you have a quirky or promising idea, do get in touch with us and we will assist you in bringing it to life! Our mission is to produce extremely unique and easy to play games that makes you want to tell all your friends about it. For apps we focus on world class GUI and the ease of usage.



Ever noticed how we inadvertently form a pattern while typing an SMS? The Signtist does the opposite! It gives you a pattern and asks you to guess the word. It’s that simple!

Signtist’© is the new pattern based word game from Bezzerk Inc that improves spellings, vocabulary and general knowledge. The idea has been copyrighted in over 130 countries by Ms. Arpita Khadria, who calls it the next sign language. It is the most unique and addictive idea to hit the scene and is growing fast in popularity. Signtist offers over 600 games and can be played without internet. Signtist is available on Android and iOS.

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Laundrokart is an online laundry and dry cleaning service with door to door pick-up and drop. Bezzerk was given the responsibility to design the UI for this innovative brand. We wanted it to look simple, clean and user friendly. All screens are done in flat 2D design with easy icons . Laundrokart is available on Android and iOS



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